Thursday, June 17, 2010

22 and counting ...

::: A caution to Michelle ~~~ read at your own risk :::

Congratulations to my wonderful and handsome husband for surviving 22 years with me! Thank you for being such an amazing husband and father. You have enriched and blessed my life in countless ways. I love and appreciate you and your example so very much! I love you!

Funnies ...

My kids say the funniest things! Here are just a few:

The other day I overheard Joshua say, "You can never have enough flashlights. End quote." So I'm thinking, who is he quoting. So I asked him, and he said, "Grandpa Medsker!"

Just about every weekend, the youth have been practicing for the Youth Spectacular. Mike has been helping with the Sound System since he is totally equipped for that. And since Mike is involved that means the girls are involved. So we load the Suburban on Friday night so it's ready because they have to leave at like 6:30 a.m. to set up (yes, that's not a misprint ... 6:30 a.m. on a Saturday morning) So this weekend the practice is at Weber State. Mike was somewhat relieved because he figured they wouldn't need his sound equipment expertise, but that wasn't to be. He received a call and they need his help. So, of course, he told Syd she needed to be ready on Saturday morning to go early. They were supposed to meet at the church at 7:30 a.m. to carpool up to WSU. When she heard about going early, she thought they would have to leave at like 5:30 a.m. and she would have to get up at like 4 a.m. to be ready because she likes to look perfect. So I told her the other day that Dad said she needed to be ready at 6:00 a.m. and she said, "Whoo, only 6 a.m., OK, that's not too bad!" LOL! What teenager is relieved to be ready at 6 a.m. on a Saturday morning?! I thought it was cute! Love ya, Syd!

OK, last thing. Yesterday we had the great fun of going to Em and Mike's for a while in the afternoon. We saw their new garden and stawberry patch which both look great! We also saw Em's new game (Little Big Planet) and the new level she made for the boys. We played it for a while and it was a lot of fun. Mike and Em also made us a yummy, yummy dinner. It was wonderful! So inbetween all of this fun time, we watched the video our Bishop made of Em and Mike's wedding/reception, etc. It turned out great and our Bishop did a wonderful job! The very last thing we watched were the comments made by people at the wedding. They were great! One of the best was by Brandon. He said,"I hope you both kill each other ... then he paused for like a second and I like take a silent breath ... then he finished ... with love!" It was the cutest thing!

Hope you all are enjoying your summer as much as we are!!!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

He Lives

He Lives

Happy Easter, everyone!
I love the renewal of Spring. The beautiful flowers, trees, colors, warmth of Spring. I love to see the buds on the trees, the tulips popping up, the crocus blooming, the yellow forsythia bushes, the florescent green of my neighbors tree that is proof there will soon be leaves, the bright daffodils that have waited so long to show their beautiful color. It all reminds me of Spring! New and wonderful! It reminds me of our Savior, Jesus Christ ... His life, his love, his example, his Atonement, his death ... and the glory that it didn't stop there. He was resurrected! He was alive. He is alive! He lives! How wonderful it is to know that Jesus Christ lives! We will be resurrected just as He was. Although we may face death ourselves, or our loves ones, or those around us, we can have hope in Jesus Christ that we will live again just as He did. How greatful I am for such a wonderful gift! He lives!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Conference Highlights!

General Conference was this weekend and it was great! We are able to get tickets for the Saturday morning session. It was Joshua's first time going to General Conference. He was pretty excited about it! I was telling him how we were planning on riding the Frontrunner down and back and we would be home to quickly have lunch and then watch the afternoon session. He then asked, "But aren't we going to watch all of it down there?" He thought we were going to watch all of Conference in the Conference Center. I thought it was so cute! What a little sweetie.


The boys having some fun:

Aimee's self portrait:

Me and my handsome man:

So every year for General Conference we make a list of things that some of the speakers will most likely talk about and then we assign a treat to go with each thing. The boys love it and look so forward to it. (I do have to note that this year I forgot to get the treats and Brandon gave me the third degree .. he was mad about that. We did make cookies, though ... it helped a little.) Anyway, Mike came up his own list of things. Here it is:

General Conference Snack Schedule:

If someone talks about this ----------You get this:
Jedi Knight -------------------------------Pizza
Iron Man ----------------------------------Ice Cream
Flying Dragon -----------------------------Gummy Worms
Pumpernickel Bread ------------------------Pudding Cup
Motorcycle Cop ----------------------------Apple Sauce
Hook Hand ---------------------------------Frosting Scoop
Bob the Slime Man -------------------------Stick of Butter
Purple People Eater -----------------------PB & J
Blimp Pilot -------------------------------M&Ms
Indiana Jones -----------------------------Giant Candy Bar

You should have seen Brandon's face light up when he saw the list. He was so excited about it. He said, "Wow! We get pizza!" I said, "Yeah, if one of the General Authorities talk about a Jedi Knight!" We got a good laugh out of Mike's list.

My Conference Highlights:
1. I love everything about General Conference. I love the talks, the music, the amazing Spirit I feel. I love the hope, stength, encouragement I feel and know that what I have just heard and witnessed is truly revelation from God. It is evidence of God's love for His children. I can't wait for the Ensign so I can re-read my favorite parts over and over again. I get excited about the work of the Lord moving forward. It makes me want to try harder and to be more diligent and to live more righteously. I love it!

2. Being in the same room as the Prophet and seeing him and feeling his spirit is one of the most amazing things ever. It was awesome that we were there as a family to witness it. Last weekend I was able to attend the General Relief Society Meeting in the Conference Center. It was amazing! At the end, President Monson waved to everyone in the congregation. Really ... he waved to every section and it seemed like every sister that was there had their eyes on him and we all waved back. It was great!

3. My wonderful in-laws, Medsker and Brenda serve in the Conference Center. It is always a great treat to see them there. We always make a point to seek them out if we are there when they are. It was no exception this time. It's just a special feeling to see them there. Medsker was helping in the section just above where we were sitting on Sunday morning. We were on Plaza level, he was on Terrace level. I kept watching him hoping he would catch a glimpse of us sitting below. He did such a great job sitting people and taking their pictures! (Yes, I was watching you Medsker) When it was getting close to starting time he came down to the front of where he was helping and looked in our direction. He saw us and we all waved! It was great! After conference was over, we saw him again as we were waiting our turn to exit. We were looking up at him and he was there again. He signed to us, "I love you!" Yes, the tears came. It was a sweet moment in time. I think I was standing there stunned just because the moment touched me so much. Sydney then blew him a kiss. That moment and thought of Medsker signing "I love you" will be etched in my memory forever.

4. We took a couple of our neighbors with us to General Conference. Kylie and Jordyn Stott. They are the cutest girls. Kylie is Sydney's age and Jordyn is Nate's age. Jordyn was just baptized a couple weeks ago. I don't think they have ever been to General Conference. When we got to the Conference Center, Jordyn said "Wow! Look at all the Mormons!"

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Road Trip to Portland!

Mike and I took a road trip to Portland, Oregon. We had a great time! Here is a picture of a boat on the Columbia River and some bridges.

A nice picnic was held for Emily and Mike at the church bowery. There were a lot of nice people to meet, yummy food, and fun!

We stayed in a hotel on the Columbia River. Right near our hotel was this cool bridge. The top picture is with the draw bridge up and following is the draw bridge down.

My handsome man!

The happy couple:

There was a lot of moss on the rocks and trees. It was cool! Lower Punch Bowl Falls in background:

Some gals playing their instruments above the falls. The hike in was probably 3-4 miles. They hiked in all their instruments. They had a camera guy there taking their pictures and doing some video. I don't think the girls were used to being outdoors. It took them a while to get over to the falls ... it really wasn't that bad and one gal didn't even make it over. They had a little raft to float their instruments over in the water. It was fun!

Upper Punch Bowl Falls:

Multnomah Falls and Portland Temple:

My handsome man at the Portland Temple!

We stopped in Twin Falls on the way home and saw my sister and her family. We had lunch together and had a nice visit. We stopped by the Twin Falls Temple on our way out of town. It's cool because there is a Stake Center right behind the temple. They share the same parking lot. That's got to be a good reminder for Stake Temple Night. ;)

I love these flowers!

Cute Cub Scouts!

Joshua is now a Cub Scout! He has waited for this day since Nate started his first day of Cub Scouts! It's finally arrived! AND ... he gets to bring the treat bucket this week! Yay!

Cute Cub Scout brothers:

Joshua's Star Wars Cake

Joshua wanted a Star Wars cake for his birthday. He wanted Anakin and Obi Wan fighting with their light sabers with the volcanos and lava all around. So we went to work and this is what we came up with:

While we were decorating the cake, I added a small bowl in the top of the volcano. I told Joshua it was a surprise. Just before he blew out the candles, I added some dry ice and water to give it the full volcano erupting effect. You can see it a little in this picture:

Joshua had a fun time helping me decorate the cake and it turned out really great!