Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Happy Tagging!

Thanks Emily!!

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- I love to vacuum! It's my favorite household chore!

- When I start a project, I like to finish it! I like to get things done in one sitting. If I'm doing something and have to stop or put away my project to finish later. It really bugs!

- I'm somewhat of a germ freak! I'm always telling my kids to wash their hands and it's the first thing I do when I walk into the house from going somewhere.

- Oatmeal is my comfort food!

- I love chunky sandals/shoes! I wish I had 50 pair! I'm always looking through the Sierra Trading Post catalog to see if there are any good deals on Keen.

- I like to work outside in the garden and flower beds. I like to weed and beautify my surroundings and make sure my flower friends are all happy. Most of the time they are. Sometimes, I don't get to them like I should and they start to droop ... like the three plants I have sitting under my deck. They have been sitting there since the beginning of June ... just waiting for a home. My tub in the front yard is waiting too. I'm going to plant flowers in it after I pull out the tree in the flower bed. Also, I'm planning to pull out a couple big bushes, but haven't done it yet. Funny thing about me and plants/flowers. Whenever Mike gives me flowers, I keep them until they are absolutely and positively dead. I feel bad throwing them away. So, I keep them until almost all the pedals have fallen off. I had a couple potted plants downstairs ... I had these things for years and they were starting to get buggy and not look well. So, I still kept them because they were plants and all and I just couldn't throw them out. Well, one day I had it ... and I tossed them. It was in the winter so the poor things went into the freezing garbage can. No joke ... the next day we watched Mythbusters and it was about how plants have feelings. I just about cried!


I tag Emily S, Mayme, and Jenn N!


Unknown said...

I can totally see you crying over you hurting your plants feelings : ) You are such a sweetheart!!!

Mayme said...

Ha ha - I swear I'm the same way with plants! Lance hates it! I just can't throw out a living thing if it's still got a chance. I feel like a murderer.

Michelle said...

Julia! So glad you are doing a blog so I can see what you guys are up to! I also feel bad about my plants so I am right there with you. Infact I have some extra ones that need some TLC- I'll bring them down next time I come. : )
Love you

Camille said...

I love learning these little things about people. I love it!!!

mary said...

I wish I was as good with plants as you are - I'm lucky if I can keep any alive!!

The Melo Family said...

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