Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Happy Birthday, Emily!

It's hard to realize that 19 years has passed. Thinking through the years and all that has happened ... dark brown hair, little goat cry, smiling, waiting for her to grow to fit into all those cute outfits I got at the baby shower, long nights, rocking back and forth on hands and knees knowing that it would soon turn into a crawl, teething, walking, running, holding her bottle in her mouth as she would run and play, hot dogs and cheese, talking, putting grasshoppers into her mouth and freaking her mother out, mischevious little smiles, sleeping in the laundry basket, first talk in primary, bunkbeds, preschool, projects, fun songs, long brown hair, kindergarten, reading, flirting with cute boys at such a young age, adored by teachers, baptism, braces, loving outdoors, climbing, hiking, middle school, saxophone, friends, young women, girls camp, activities, growing up, jazz band, "organized mess", high school, dances, dating, taller than mom, high jump, Aspen Ridge, Young Womanhood, blessings, driving, job, football games, track, grades, leadership opportunities, beautiful young woman, graduation, college ... yes, it really does seem that fast. Thank you for all the good times, Emily! You add so much to our lives and our family! You are beautiful! We love you!