Sunday, September 21, 2008

More about me!

Here goes...


1. Being with my family!!

2. The Gospel

3. Date night


1. The woods at night by myself without a flashlight

2. Driving off the edge of a road into water with all my kids in the car and not be able to get out

3. Heights


1. Getting our yard ready for winter/ finish painting what we started 3 years ago. lol!

2. Read Book of Mormon by the end of the year

3. Cleaning out my filing cabinet/downstairs/closets


1. I love eating my oatmeal cereal every morning.

2. I love to collect recipes and recipe books

3. Water! It will fix what ails you. lol!


1. Mike has asked me twice now if I have messed up his computer. lol!

2. The roast, potatoes and gravy we ate after church today was out of this world!!!

3. I have an opened bag of chocolate chips in the kitchen closet that I'm dying to eat, but I'm trying to have some sort of self control.


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