Sunday, September 21, 2008

More about me!

Here goes...


1. Being with my family!!

2. The Gospel

3. Date night


1. The woods at night by myself without a flashlight

2. Driving off the edge of a road into water with all my kids in the car and not be able to get out

3. Heights


1. Getting our yard ready for winter/ finish painting what we started 3 years ago. lol!

2. Read Book of Mormon by the end of the year

3. Cleaning out my filing cabinet/downstairs/closets


1. I love eating my oatmeal cereal every morning.

2. I love to collect recipes and recipe books

3. Water! It will fix what ails you. lol!


1. Mike has asked me twice now if I have messed up his computer. lol!

2. The roast, potatoes and gravy we ate after church today was out of this world!!!

3. I have an opened bag of chocolate chips in the kitchen closet that I'm dying to eat, but I'm trying to have some sort of self control.


Tagging: Aimee, KoriAnn & Mary


Stacy said...

That was so fun to read, you are so funny! Thanks for sharing that.

mary said...

I love it! You are too fun! It's so great to get to know random facts about each other! Thanks for the tag - I'm totally going to do it!

Tiffany West said...

I wish you all the best with your self control! At my house there is rarely an open bag of any goodie, and that includes the chocolate chips that I buy to MAKE the cookies :)

Camille said...

It's nice to get to know you better. Great goals....

Ali said...

Eat the choc. chips...then they will be gone and you won't have any temptations..well till you buy another one and open it :)
I want to come to dinner and have your roast and potatoes..that sounds really, really good :)
love you

Unknown said...

I say eat dont waste your time on chocolate chips.. yuck.. eat something good like kisses.. now that is some good chocolate.. mmm good... Linda