Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Road Trip to Portland!

Mike and I took a road trip to Portland, Oregon. We had a great time! Here is a picture of a boat on the Columbia River and some bridges.

A nice picnic was held for Emily and Mike at the church bowery. There were a lot of nice people to meet, yummy food, and fun!

We stayed in a hotel on the Columbia River. Right near our hotel was this cool bridge. The top picture is with the draw bridge up and following is the draw bridge down.

My handsome man!

The happy couple:

There was a lot of moss on the rocks and trees. It was cool! Lower Punch Bowl Falls in background:

Some gals playing their instruments above the falls. The hike in was probably 3-4 miles. They hiked in all their instruments. They had a camera guy there taking their pictures and doing some video. I don't think the girls were used to being outdoors. It took them a while to get over to the falls ... it really wasn't that bad and one gal didn't even make it over. They had a little raft to float their instruments over in the water. It was fun!

Upper Punch Bowl Falls:

Multnomah Falls and Portland Temple:

My handsome man at the Portland Temple!

We stopped in Twin Falls on the way home and saw my sister and her family. We had lunch together and had a nice visit. We stopped by the Twin Falls Temple on our way out of town. It's cool because there is a Stake Center right behind the temple. They share the same parking lot. That's got to be a good reminder for Stake Temple Night. ;)

I love these flowers!


Camille said...

Oregon looks SOOO beautiful. You can tell that Julia is the one taking all the pictures because she isn't in any of them. I still can't believe Emily is married.

Tiffany West said...

Looks like you all had fun! It is BEAUTIFUL there, someday I hope to be able to go!

Meliss said...

Ummmm, why is your son-in-law wearing a Michigan shirt?? Is that who that is??! --Melissa Snyder