Sunday, May 10, 2009


Emily is engaged! :D
She came in the house and was smiling her face off. Of course I knew something was up and sure enough ... as she held her Jamba cup (this could be a good commercial)a beautiful ring was on her finger!
We are so excited for her!
Congratulations Emily and Mike!


Camille said...

What fabulous news!!! Congrats!! Let me know if there is anything I ca help with.

mary said...

HOORAY! We are so excited for her!!

Emily said...

Yay!! I new when we were teasing her earlier this year that it was going to happen - congratulations to her and hope she's super happy!!

Tiffany West said...

We are so happy for you, Congrats!

Ali said...

i don't know if I am more excited about Emily getting married or that you BLOGGED!! Both are very, very exciting!!!
love you

Julia said...

You are FUNNY, Ali! :D