Friday, May 15, 2009

Happy Birthday, Nate!

"Mom, I'll be fine!" is what I heard at least a dozen times today as Nate was getting ready for his first scout campout. But ... but ... but ... don't you need another jacket? ... what about long pants ... do you need other pair? ... what about a hat? ... I know you have one, but do you need another one? ... what about long socks? ... are you sure you have enough to eat? ... let's see what else we can find for you to eat ... be sure to zip your sleeping bag ... don't lose your gear ... do you have a water bottle? ... are you going to be OK? ... listen to your leaders ... use the buddy system ... "Mom, I'll be fine!" ... "Mom, I said ... I'LL BE FINE!" I know you will son. It's just hard to believe you are already eleven! Happy Birthday, Nate! We love you!


Emily said...

I can't believe he's 11! I miss walking by him in church every week and having him say "Hi Sister Sagendorf" - what a cutie! I hope he has a very happy birthday and a great time at the campout!!

Camille said...

Wow!!! He is so grown up!!! He was in my first group to get baptized. Man, time sure flies!!!! Happy Birthday!!!

mary said...

Wow! 11 already!! Happy Birthday Nate! You are going to make one awesome scout!!